vTiger Customization- VtDziner6 upgrade

This video teaches you how to upgrade your existing vtDZiner in vtiger5.4 to a newer version. Happy vtDZining! read more →

vtDZiner6 Installation

vtDZiner installation video on vtiger5.4 read more →

vtDZiner Brochure

vtDZiner main forms and functions explained read more →

Activate/Deactivate vtDZiner

Learn to Activate and deactivate your vtDZiner license read more →

vtDZiner Module Creation

This video teaches you how to create a module within vtiger5.4 installation. You can create a module, disable a module or delete a module from the vtiger 5.4 instance using vtDZiner. read more →

vtDZiner Layout Form Standard blocks

This video teaches you how to create a standard block within a module, how to move fields and how to rename a block within a module read more →

Purchase Order (PO)QuickImport file demo

Hi vtiger users, here is the demo on how to quick import Purchase order records into your vtiger CRM. Simple and easy module manager installable file. For more details visit: blog.vtigress.com read more →

Invoice Module Quick Import Plugin

This video enables vtiger user to import mandatory fields of Invoice module into the vtiger crm. This taken excel file as input which has mandatory fields Invoice module records. For early bird introductory offer, please email info@vtigress.com read more →

Quotes Quick Import Plugin for vtiger5.4

This Quotes quick import plugin imports mandatory fields of Quotes module from an excel file into into vtiger5.4. This plugin also takes care of error imports and eliminates the bad records from the input file and imports only the correct records. read more →