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Setup and customization of vtiger CRM

Our services span across the entire open source arena and we present open source CRM here. We help you identify your requirements and define them. We then help you identify the best suiting open source CRM for your requirements. We customize almost all of the open source CRM packages for you. Specifically, we like vtiger and will help you discover the strengths of vtiger. Our easily customizable modules will make your life further easier by installing and using only such modules which are absolutely necessary for your business. You can shut off all the remaining modules as per your convenience without disturbing the core functionality of vtiger. You can also define and add any new module as per your convenience and business needs. Our Module DZiner will help you easily switch over to the CRM system with least hiccups.

Data migration into vtiger CRM

Data migration is the most boring, most worrisome  and most difficult task to accomplish successfully within IT domain. Yet we make it interesting, working and accurate for you. Our zero error scripts will help you migrate your data from your existing systems to vtiger CRM system with much ease and comfort. The ease of working with vtiger PLUS the ease of working with your own good old data in a new interface is surely going to make your work life interesting.

vTiger- Asterisk Integration

Asterisk/Voip is the telephony system that everybody is looking for better connectivity with their customers. People seek integration of asterisk/Voip with different software solutions to enhance, improve and facilitate general users. One of such technological marriages is Asterisk-vTiger CRM integration.

Asterisk- vTiger CRM Integration can provide your business with the ability to manage your customer interactions more efficiently and with traceability. The CRM integration to Asterisk provides call recording to CRM, customer management, number lookups and a number of other benefits that a standalone Asterisk or independent CRM cannot provide.

SMS Integration

Agility in business responsiveness is the hallmark of the 21st century lifestyle. SMS is lightning fast, literally putting your message into your customer’s phones in seconds after you send. Your other marketing strategies are also accelerated by leveraging the swiftness of SMS Campaigns. SMS Campaigns don’t have to battle against spam or other email filters which is one of the biggest drawbacks for digital campaigning.

vTiger CRM with SMS integration empowers you to optimize sales, marketing and support activities during the customer engagement life-cycle. Starting from prospect identification to converting them into customers, delivering unmatched support and retaining them with cross selling activities, SMS enabled CRM tool offers great value to your business. Post sales too, for the personal touch !! A happy customer brings more business.