Hello my fellow vtiger developers & enthusiasts,

myEnterprise Team a certified business partner for vtiger CRM( Open Source) has an exciting update for you, we have developed all new chat functionality for vtiger CRM. The vtchat enables CRM users to communicate with each other from within the CRM. With the vtChat now users can chat amongst themselves, have group conversations, share files via chat and maintain groups related to a specific project enabling them to keep the information segregated and consolidated.

The vtchat plugin has been possible with the integration of Rocket Chat to the vtiger CRM as a plugin. With the rocket chat integration we are also developing exciting new features for the chat such as video calls, group calls and individual calls between users without using any asterisk integration.


  • Chat within individual, group of users
  • Share files/documents via chat
  • Create a chat for a specific project to keep the data consolidated


  • Module Manager Installable
  • Compatible with vtiger 6 and vtiger 7
  • Single login for both chat and CRM


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